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What is plastic cutlery made of?

The raw materials for making plastic tableware are usually polypropylene and polyethylene.   Polypropylene: Relatively speaking, polypropylene has more varieties, more complex uses, and a wide range of fields. The main varieties are homopolypropylene, block copolymer polypropylene (Copp) and random copolymer polypropylene (Rapp), depending on the application. Differently, homopolymerization is mainly used in the fields…

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Can cutlery be recycled?

Some materials are recyclable, and products made of stainless steel can be recycled into other products. In addition, some of the materials made of cutlery can be naturally decomposed, such as the knife and fork made of wheat straw. There is also a type of edible cutlery supplier. The method of making such a cutlery…

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