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With the development of the economy, people’s living standards and quality of life are getting higher and higher, and health is valued by everyone. The choice of tableware is also more prone to health. The choice of bamboo tableware is healthier and more environmentally friendly. The tableware produced from the original bamboo is durable, non-toxic and non-additive.


Bamboo tableware is generally made of high-quality bamboo as raw material. The surface of the processed bamboo is smooth and shiny, and has a strong bamboo fragrance. In the home life, the use of bamboo tableware gives people a more rustic, more elegant and more intimate feeling.


Bamboo tableware is generally produced from fresh bamboo using bamboo processing equipment. After the molding, the tableware is dried, decorated, and some art industries, the bamboo tableware looks more beautiful. Some elderly people particularly like to use a variety of bamboo-made tableware made of bamboo. These bamboo meals are non-polluting, not easy to mold, durable and fragrant.


Due to its breathable properties and good thermal insulation, bamboo tableware can preserve food well and keep food fresh for a long time. Bamboo tableware is more environmentally friendly, no need to add other chemical ingredients, as long as you keep your original color, it is very beautiful. Unlike other metal cutlery, heavy metals such as lead, chromium and manganese can contaminate food when used for a long time. The cost performance of bamboo tableware is also quite high, bamboo tableware is generally quite cheap, easy to buy, all major supermarkets have to buy. Bamboo tableware has good heat resistance, such as chopsticks. Many people now like to use bamboo or wood. They rarely use metal, stainless steel chopsticks, and metal chopsticks are easy to burn to the mouth because of their fast heat conduction.