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  • Cutlery manufacturers offer a variety of tray customization services, including ceramic plates, plastic plates, stainless steel plates and more. If you are interested, you can contact us to find out more.
  • Plates feature: The raw materials are high quality, the ceramic plates are smooth and smooth, and the wooden plates are clear in texture.

What is tableware

Tableware refers to non-edible tools that are in direct contact with food during meals, and are used to aid in the distribution or ingestion of food. There is also much disposable tableware on the market, which are not good for the environment; there is also some tableware made of degradable materials.
Tableware includes complete sets, including metalware, ceramic tableware, teaware, glassware, paper utensils, plastic utensils, and a variety of container tools (such as bowls, dishes, plates, pots, etc.) and hand-held Appliances (such as chopsticks, knives, forks, spoons, straws, sticks, etc.).


Use of different plates

Rectangular plate
Rectangular plates are mainly used for placing bread and are used in bakeries and cake shops. The rectangular plate is ideal for placing toast and long loaf because of its large size. Smaller sizes can be used to hold small pieces of desserts such as donuts and layer cakes.

Round plate
Shallow circular plates are used to hold the residue of food, while deeper ones are used to hold a variety of foods. The round plates are mostly ceramic products, the surface is smooth and delicate, easy to clean.

Wooden plate
Wooden plates look retro and are often used to place vegetables and fruits. Solid wooden plates are much thicker and have a clearer texture than ordinary plates. Because of the special nature of the tree texture, each plate has a different pattern and can be used as a collection of art.