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What is a water cup

The water cup is usually a container for people to hold liquids. It can be used to drink tea, drink water, drink coffee, drink beverages, etc. A water cup is a vessel that is used to hold liquid in most cases.


Function and form

It is usually made of plastic, glass, porcelain or stainless steel. When it is packed in a restaurant, it is usually used in paper cups or plastic cups. The cup is mostly cylindrical, with an open top and a hollow space for the contents. Due to the opening of the cup, the liquid in the cup is easily contaminated by the surrounding dust, so when placed for a long time, cover the cup with a cover. The cup containing the hot drink has a handle for easy use. In different fields and cultures of different countries, the shape of the cup is different. It can be said that culture determines the shape. There are also many types of water cups, such as vacuum cups, open cups, ring cups, smart cups, and so on.



  1. Classified by material:

Such as ceramic cups, glasses, plastic cups, stainless steel cups, wooden fish stone cups, cloisonne cups, etc.;

  1. Classified according to main functional uses:

Such as beer mugs, red wine glasses, white wine glasses, coffee cups, tea cups, etc.;

  1. Classified according to structural process:

Such as single-layer cups, double-layer cups, vacuum cups, nano cups, energy cups, eco cups, goblets, etc.;

  1. Other classification

Such as mugs, coffee cups, mugs.


cleaning method


Whether it is salt or coarse salt, it can help us remove the tea stains on the cup.

Method: After rubbing with your fingers, brushing back and forth over the tea stains takes only two or three minutes, and you will find that the tea stains disappeared magically, and it is not easy to hurt the cup.


Method: First, rub the cup with water (no water left), then rub the toothpaste on the wall of the cup, then rinse with water.

Citrus peel

Sometimes I run into old age, how to brush when the brush is not clean, you may wish to find the leftover lemon in the kitchen, or the peel to be lost after eating the orange.

Method: For cleaning the coffee cup, use lemon slices or a little vinegar to wipe the edge of the cup; if it is a coffee pot, we can slice the lemon, put it in a cloth and put it on the top of the coffee pot, add water to fill it. Boil the lemon in the way of making it, and let it drip into the pot below. When there are yellow turbid water droplets in the coffee pot, this is evidence that citric acid removes coffee stains. In general, the coffee pot can be removed after two or so.

Peel + salt

Use the peel to replace the melon cloth: After taking the salt, use it to wash the tea stains, and you can achieve unexpectedly good results. If there is no peel, using a little vinegar will have the same effect.

Kitchen bleach

Dilute the kitchen-specific bleach into the large bowl, then put the cup in and soak for one night. After washing with water every other day, the tea stain will become easy to clean.