What is the drain rack?

The cutlery drainer is a kind of shelf that is placed in the kitchen and used for draining and storing the dishes. The material is mostly metal. The draining rack plays an important role in reducing the growth of dishes such as dishes and dishes due to moisture. It is a necessary storage device for modern kitchens. Choosing the right drain rack not only maximizes the use of the kitchen space, but also keeps the cutlery clean and dry, and brings you to the kitchen’s dirty troubles.


The material used in the drain rack is critical because it is in contact with water, vinegar, alkali, etc. for a long time. Generally speaking, the material of 304 stainless steel is better, because it can not only prevent rust, but also has certain acid resistance (avoid the vinegar accidentally dripping on the corrosion rack), alkali resistance, and it is convenient to use when cleaning. Wipe the cloth and extend the service life.



The size of the drain rack is relatively close to the population. For the case of a large population in the home, it is recommended to choose a large capacity, lengthened and widened drain rack. If the population is small and there are not many utensils to use, it is recommended to choose a small-capacity drain rack to save kitchen space.



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