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With a weight, the hand feels comfortable, the golden swaying highlights the noble and elegant temperament, and the table adds a beautiful mood, which also highlights the value of the dish. Although the price is high, but the material is really good, value for money, it is recommended.

Stephan Eaglefree

The spoon is very bright overall, very nice, glittering. The spoon is very large and it is very convenient for soup. Drawing process, looking very advanced. Feeling very soft, very hard to fold, no trace.

Miriam Wisebull

Cutlery is very beautiful, exquisite workmanship, bright appearance, smooth and delicate touch, luxurious style, weight value, cost-effective, worthy of possession. The gold-plated surface will not fade at all, and there is no paint drop.

Alex Bluemarine

Absolutely good value for money, it is really great, whether it is design or workmanship, it is very delicate and perfect. The texture is very heavy and the size is larger than expected, which is very suitable for home use. With a plain plate, it is very stylish.

Richard Anderson

The spoon fork was received without a donkey. Independent packaging, work well. The delivery speed is also very fast, the packaging is very careful and strict, the logistics company has a good service attitude and the delivery speed is very fast.

Nicolas Blackriver

Very fond of the fork, the color is very beautiful, no awkward, the color is very uniform, just match the other tableware. Very texture, no smell, easy to use, the surface of the spoon is very smooth, there will be no protruding things.

James Richardson

The details are really good, and the corners are very smooth. It’s heavy in your hand and it feels good. There is no obvious ambiguity, the handle is not pure matte black, and there is a little reflection like the cat’s eye effect, very good looking.

Tiffany Firebird

The spoon can be said to be very delicate, not too big or small, suitable for eating and eating, the color is very beautiful, and it is used together with other tableware, and the whole person is exquisite. It is also very suitable for taking photos.

Jennifer Greenfield