Product parameters

Size: 200x160x18mm
Material: Ceramic
Scope of application: microwave oven, disinfection cupboard, dishwasher


Embossed thread disk with delicate texture, bright color and simple atmosphere. The overall lines are smooth, the hand feels comfortable, and the edges are smooth without hurting hands. After high temperature calcination, the glazed surface is tough, not easy to be scratched by knife and fork, not easy to fade, and long service life.


The method and requirements for dish washing are as follows:

Remove the remaining food from the plate and pour it into the garbage or waste bin, then rinse it with water to make the food residue on the plate better.

Brush the oil or dirt on the plate. Its steps and requirements:

(1) use hot water of about 45 ° C;

(2) adding a dish detergent;

(3) soak the plate in water for 1-2 minutes;

(4) Carefully brush the surface of the plate;

(5) Check the cleanliness of the plate. Unclean further brushing.

The dish detergent must be a qualified product approved by the health administration. Do not use detergent to wash the plate.

Remove any detergent left on the plate. The washed plate should be placed in clean water. It is best to use running water to remove the detergent remaining on the plate.