Product parameters

Size 1: 26x26cm
Size 2: 31x31cm
Size 3: 36x36cm
Material: Ceramic


The delicate bone china glaze is suitable for all gourmet dishes, and it is used for exquisite display. Available in red, black, white, other colors can be customized according to customer requirements. Fired at high temperature, safe, hygienic and easy to clean.


1. There are small concave holes, foaming or small black spots in the ceramic products, which are normal process phenomena and do not affect the use.
2. Due to the glaze glaze process, each product will have different glaze, which will not affect the normal use and overall beauty.
3. For long-term use, wipe with a soft cloth when cleaning. Do not use a hard brush such as metal.
4. Some models have venting holes at the bottom, not gaps, process needs, not sputum.
5. Color Due to lighting, display, etc., there will be some slight color difference.
6. Manual measurement, the size will be biased, please prevail in kind.
7. The reason for the manual production, the product will have more or less deformation problems.