What is corn starch biodegradable tableware

Corn starch biodegradable tableware is made from natural corn starch and plant fiber, supplemented by bio-polyester, polyol and other materials. Its starch content can reach up to 80%, and it can be used in soil and natural environment. Naturally degraded, no pollution to the environment, no damage.


Natural raw materials

Using natural corn starch as a raw material, it can be continuously supplied, so that natural resources can be reused and recycled.

Safely degradable

The raw material is a natural polymer compound that can be degraded in a natural environment.


After being used, the product can be rapidly degraded by microorganisms in the natural environment and become a plant nutrient. It is truly natural and natural, and effectively solves the environmental damage caused by white pollution.


The raw materials are natural, the production process is aseptic production, the disinfection test is strict, the product will not be poisonous to the soil and air after degradation, and there is no harm of secondary pollution.

Strong alternative

It can replace petroleum-based plastic products and wood-based paper products.

International standard

Fully in line with “4R+1D” international environmental standards (4R: low consumption, green materials, recyclable, reciprocating production, 1D: degradable).

True and false

  1. The resolution is very simple, can be divided into three aspects:
  2. Visual observation that the starchy cookware is a matt type product which is somewhat yellowish or milky white. Non-starch products are dark or blue in color.
  3. Odor identification means that the similar products rub against each other to produce heat. The starch products have a light corn paste or plant fragrance. Other products have a plastic smell.
  4. Combustion discrimination means that the second type of products respectively burn red flames into starchy blue flames for other types, and the burned ash is crushed by hand, and the black powder is starchy products and the powder is lighter in other products.
  5. The main components are carrier resin, corn starch, coupling agent, sizing agent phase solvent and other low molecular composition.
  6. Floating objects may be caused by two kinds of conditions
  7. The amount of lubricant added is too large and is not completely devolatilized during processing to cause the residue to be applied to the surface of the product.
  8. Inorganic substances such as talc. The amount of heavy calcium added is too large to form.