Will the cutlery be safe?

Yes. We have been producing cutlery for over ten years and we have been working on producing safe cutlery. The raw materials we use are all food grade materials, safe and healthy, non-toxic and tasteless. Our products have passed SGS certification and the quality of our products conforms to international standards.

NDA download

This page provides NDA downloads. Customers who need to keep the design confidential can download the NDA from this page and sign a confidentiality agreement with us.


PDF:Confidentiality Agreement-September 2019

Word:Confidentiality Agreement-September 2019

How do I protect my design?

The first step to protecting your idea is signing an NDA (a Non Disclosure Agreement). This means that we cannot reproduce your product without your permission. We only manufacture goods for you. We have no interest in stealing ideas. For peace of mind we have an NDA available for you.


NDA download address:NDA download

How much is shipping?

Our offer does not include shipping costs. Shipping costs are based primarily on the weight or volume of the product. There will be additional cost if requesting any additional product to be shipped via air. About sample: Samples are usually sent by express, it may takes about 20-30USD. If you have the account like DHL,UPS, cash…

Cutlery Machines

Punch The punch is a stamping press. In national production, the stamping process has the advantages of saving materials and energy compared with traditional machining, high efficiency, low technical requirements for operators, and products that cannot be achieved by machining through various mold applications. Its use is more and more extensive. Stamping production is mainly…